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Preview of our October Seminar: Owning the Room! Developing your personal and leadership presence

September 11, 2014
5:30 PM to 9:00 PM
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The Odyssey Restaurant
15600 Odyssey Drive
Granada Hills, CA

Cynthia Burnham will present highlights of her upcoming seminar

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Here's a sneak preview ! 


Organizational Cultural Assessment (OCAI) and Lean 101 Workshops

Take one half day workshop or both combined as a full day !  
Wednesday - September 10, 2014

In the Organizational Assessment workshop, Michael Thornburg will introduce you to the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) and take you through the OCAI’s execution and how it is helping companies analyze organizational culture, identify traits that will promote and enhance positive traits, and provide open dialogue for change.  The OCAI in its simplest form can act as the catalyst to start communications between departments and groups and identify potential change agents for your organization. It is a tool that is easy to use, accessible, and non-confrontational. 

OCAI leads directly into the Lean 101 Workshop where Instructor Andy Pattantyus teaches attendees how to launch Continuous Improvement (CI)concepts.  Those taking the OCAI workshop will be able to use knowledge on their organizational assessment to enforce the concepts in Lean.  Recognizing that many Lean projects do not produce financial results because they lack a solid financial goal, a solid implementation plan, and a crisp execution, Andy breaks down basic lean concepts and tools.  Participants will experience Lean concepts through participative simulations. Details.

Owning The Room! A One Day Leadership Development Workshop

Cynthia Burnham, MBA, Board Certified Coach, and author of “The Charisma Edge”
Wednesday - Octrober 22, 2014

This whole day workshop will expand on the skills presented in the September Professional Development Meeting - a must attend event to help you leverage an important learnable skill.

We all know about charisma - personal presence, confidence, and ability to step forward with clarity and focus, and to draw others to you. And we all know, right or wrong, that people who have charisma stand out. These factors are key distinguishing elements to help you make positive first and lasting impressions, connect quickly with those around you, and be heard in challenging, competitive environments. Without these skills, you risk being lost in the sea of others with great technical skills but an inability to make a meaningful impact on the important people around them.

Here's a sneak preview.   Details.


Need another reason to get APICS certification?  Read APICS Foundation Employment Outlook 2013


APICS is the leading professional association for supply chain and operations management and the premier provider of research, education and certification programs that elevate supply chain excellence, innovation and resilience. APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) and APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) designations set the industry standard. With over 37,000 members and more than 250 international partners, APICS is transforming the way people do business, drive growth and reach global customers. To learn more about apics.org

A Letter From Our President

Andy Pattantyus – President July 2013 to June 2015

Dear Members and Friends:

The APICS San Fernando Valley chapter (APICS-SFV) began its fiscal year on July 1st and I began my second year of a two year term as President. Thanks to a strong and vibrant board, we ended last fiscal year in a strong financial position. By providing real value, APICS-SFV membership grew by 33% last year! Our members actively participate by attending both programs and classes, and many are pursuing certification. Our programs and education offerings are designed to support the needs of our members and the local business community. We are here to serve you!
What is APICS all about? This is the question I get asked most often.... 
APICS-SFV is all about:
1. Developing professionals
2. Providing education
3. Providing certification

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APICS launches certification verification   July 2014

APICS launched certification verification, an online service available at apics.org/verification. This new service elevates APICS certification programs and helps protect the credentials of all APICS designees.

Certification verification provides prospective employers and other stakeholders with a simple, easy way to verify an individual’s certification status.


Professional Development Meeting

Preview of our October Seminar: Owning the Room! Developing your personal and leadership presence

Cynthia Burnham will present highlights of her upcoming seminar
September 11, 2014 | 5:30 PM

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Organizational Assessment / Lean 101

Analyze your organization's culture to enable a Continuous Improvement (CI) initiative! Learn basic Lean concepts and tools to get you there.
September 10, 2014 | 8:00 AM

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Owning The Room! A One Day Leadership Development Workshop

Cultivate your influential spark: learn practical, immediately-usable techniques to look, act, and feel more confident, powerful, and self-assured.
October 22, 2014 | 8:30 AM

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