CPIM Legacy Exams

Exam Vouchers for legacy CPIM exams (excluding Basics of Supply Chain Management) for PLUS Members and for CORE & Non-Members. Legacy exam vouchers must be redeemed before June 30 for an actual exam test date reservation that must be completed before December 31, 2018.

No Exam Vouchers will be available for purchase after June 30, 2018, so get your voucher now if you wish to test on one or more of the old legacy exams before Dec. 31, 2018!

NOTE: Once you have paid for the voucher(s), the San Fernando Valley chapter will email you with additional information to be able to sign up for your exam.

Email membership at membership@apics-sfv.org if you are unsure about what type of membership you have with APICS (CORE or PLUS).


CPIM-Part 1 or Part 2 Exam Vouchers at a discount!

Purchase your Exams from SFV APICS at a discount from the standard APICS list price.

  • Save $50 off the $495 price on exams if you are a PLUS APICS member or a STUDENT member.
  • Save $70 off the $690 price on exams if you are a CORE Member or a Non-Member.

All Exam vouchers must be redeemeded within 6 months for a test reservation date. 

Email membership at: membership@apics-sfv.org if you are unsure what type of member you are.